Scrapbook: The Wild West

Western Scrapbook

How I’m gittin’ in that western spirit!

1. Western Pennant Banner
2. Cowboy Hat Cookies
3. Cactus Centerpiece
4. Little Buckaroo Vest
5. Vintage Cowboy Cards
6. Sheriff’s Oat Bag
7. Wanted Poster
8. Gaucho Chili
9. Saddle Blanket Tote
10. Cowpoke Chocolate Milk
11. Ridin’ the Range
12. The Hitchin’ Post

This Week: Cowboys!

Howdy ya’ll. This week, we’re taking a whiff of the Wild Wild West–cowboys, cattle drives, and cactuses galore. This Saturday, my dear friend Lauren is having a cowboy-themed 1st birthday party for her little vaquero, Wyatt, and she asked me to help decorate! So hold on to your ten-gallons, folks, and stay tuned for more shoot-em-up style.